The underground part of the area posted a three-level shopping and entertainment center “Stolitsa” with parking. Ground-based pedestrian area is decorated with a fountain, sculptures, flower beds.

Church of Saints Simon and Helena, often called the Red Church is the most well-known Catholic Church in Minsk. Construction of the temple began in 1905. The church was erected at the expense of a nobleman Edward Voinilovich and received the names of Saints Simon and Helena in memory of pre-mature death of their two children. In December 1910 the church was open.

In 1932, the church was closed, after which it housed the BSSR State Polish theater, and then converted to a studio. During the occupation by German troops the temple was re-opened. After the war the building was renovated and it again took the studio. Since 1975, the building housed the House of Cinema and the Museum of Belarusian Cinema.

In 1990, the Red Church was returned to the Catholic Church. In 1996 a statue of the Archangel Michael piercing the dragon was installed near the church. In 2000 – a monument to “The Bell of Nagasaki.”