Three-time champion of the Olympic Games 2014, bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games 2010. The two-time silver prize-winner of the World Biathlon Championships (2008, 2011), the bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games 2010, the owner of the small crystal globe following the results of the World Cup of a season 2010-2011 in mass start, the world champion of 2013 in mass start.

Honoured Master of Sports of Republic of Belarus. Two gold medals of XXII Winter Olympic games of 2014 in Sochi became the main awards of Darya. Darya carried out phenomenal pursuit and became the first. In some days Darya won gold at a 15-kilometer distance in female individual race. The prima of our team allowed only 1 (0+1+0+0) miss. On February 17 Darya Domracheva, having won mass start, I won the third gold medal at the Olympic Games in Sochi-2014.