On April 26, 2008 all adorned sculptures with have been removed, for almost six months, the restoration from the front of the building. The same composition was restored and placed on the front of the building. This is – the girl with the violin, the boy with the globe, the worker, farmer, athlete and scholar (Author – sculptor Sergei Selikhanov, Alexei Glebov and Victor Popov).

On the ground floor of the Palace of Trade unions, there is a roomy and rich in idea behind the columned hall. Here, a theater of the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions. Hall of the theater is designed for 850 seats with a partner and tiers. Stage of the Theater is equipped to sample the Big Academic Theatre in Moscow. The walls of the column and theater halls are decorated with stucco.

In the White Hall with area of ??256 square meters gala event and sports dance groups competitions are held.

In 2005 a new dance hall, equipped with machines and mirror wall was opened.

Guests can visit cozy “Art Caf?” on 60 seats.