In the XVIII century at the intersection of Borisov tract and Slepyanka road on the way to the farm Dolgi Brod, there was a Catholic cemetery. Later, it was greatly expanded to the east after two epidemics of cholera, which raged in Minsk in 1848 and 1853. Several thousand people died. The territory of the cemetery at that time was located between the streets Zakhar’evskii, Dolgobrodskaya, Slepyanskoy, Zolotogorsky (Krasnozvezdny) and per. Mogilny (street Radistov). There was a traditional wooden chapel.

During the great fire of August 14, 1809, which has destroyed almost all buildings in the Trinity Mountain, and the parish church burned down, that in present is near ??the 2nd Clinical Hospital, and the opera house. In 1832, when some Roman Catholic monasteries, including the Dominican were abolished, this church was used as the parish. With the abolition of the Dominican church, liturgy was moved to Zolotogorsky wooden chapel.

By the middle of the XIX century wooden chapel has dilapidated. By 1842 the chapel was rebuilt in the church, which had the following dimensions: ‘length of 6 sazhens and 1 arshin; a height of 3 sazhens, 3 arshin, 12 vershoks “(sazhen-213 cm, arshin -71 cm, vershok -4.4 cm).

In 1849 repair of the church was necessary. Later, the church was decided to rebuild.

Once again, the Russian authorities allowed to build churches, the collecting of funds started. The main donors were spouses Leonovichi (14,000 silver rubles), Colonel Ignat Lyaskovichi (5000 silver rubles) and Antonina Kaminska (3334 silver rubles). The church was built on project of academician of the Petersburg Academy of Arts M.A. Sivitsky.

Construction of the church was started in 1861 and completed in 1864. In 1896 the brick gate was built near the church, with two iron gates and a central semi-circular arch, covered with patterned iron doors. Brama and the church were built in Gothic Revival style.

In 1908, according to the descriptions, the church was a stone building with 12 windows and a tin roof, had a length of 12.5 sazhens, in width 4 and 2/3 sazhens, at a height of about 5 sazhens. In a two-story tower d bells “Leonard”, “Stephen”, “Bronislava” were placed. The main bell weighs 53 pounds.

During the war the church was badly damaged.

After the restoration of the building, a church was a concert hall for chamber and organ music of Belarusian State Philharmonic.

Since 1991, worship in the temple was renewed, and the in 2006, the building was returned to the Roman Catholic parish of the Holy Trinity (St. Roch).