Location: Minsk, ul. Engels, 26

Theatre Administration: 220108, Minsk, ul. Kazinets 117

Phone: + 375-17-294-78-72
+ 375-17-380-13-32
Tel. / Fax: + 375-17-278-93-91


The theater was opened in 1956

In late 2008, it began a large-scale reconstruction. The theater successfully tours and shows their performances at different venues of the Belarusian capital: in the House of Writers (Frunze Str., 5) and the Club of them. Dzerzhinsky (Komsomolskaya str., 30). The reconstruction is planned to finish k2013, at fully preserving the appearance of the monument of architecture, which is the building of Spectators.

On account of the creative team of the theater – a lot of serious touring and festival awards, in the current repertoire – more than twenty performances; Each season, the theater produces at least three prime. Almost all of them are designed for family viewing; creative team determines the status of the slogan “Our family theater.” Finding your way in the performances help heading posters: “My first performances” are intended for the youngest viewers from three to seven years; “Fairy tales and stories” – for children who are studying in junior high school and teenagers, at least – boys and girls; performances category “Art to be an adult” collect spectators, whose age has reached 14 years, in some cases – 18 years.

His repertoire is quite original and diverse: it is tragic legends, fairy tales, parables, fairy tales and musical-fantasy. In the current repertoire – more than 20 performances. Particular attention is given to productions for the youngest viewers.