Central Children's Park is named after Maxim Gorky

At the end of the XIX century the park has its first stadium with a bicycle track, courts for lawn tennis, croquet, bowling alley.

Во время Великой Отечественной войны, жилые кварталы, находящиеся близ Свислочи, были разрушены, и появилась возможность расширить территорию парка.

After the October Revolution of 1917 and forming of the BSSR, the park was named in the spirit of that time – “Profintern.” And beging from 1936, the park secured the title Park named after Gorky as a tribute to the tradition of calling a new culture and recreation parks in major cities of the Soviet Union with the name of the great proletarian writer.

During World War II, residential neighborhoods that are near Svisloch were destroyed, and the opportunity to expand the park apeared.

Today the park covers an area of ??28 hectares. More than 60 native species of trees and shrubs are growing in the park. There are rare and landscaping plants – cedar pine, pine Weymouth, fir, Californian, European larch, maple and silver field, as well as some others. Preserved fine of lindens and maples, which are more than one hundred years old.

Today, there are following attractions in the park: Ferris wheel, Speedway, Surprise, Ball Pool, Bell, Sun, Baby swings, Boats, Chained carousel, Swings for children and others. Ferris Wheel is the pride of the park, 54 meters high, from which the citizens of Minsk and visitors can explore the city from a height.

The youngest children can ride on electro cars and motorcycles. Older children and adults can ride a Paratrupere, Saturn, Shell (Waltz), Octopus, Orbit, Daisy, and others. You can go walking on the train, ride on a boat on Svisloch.

In addition, in spring of 2003 new attractions were installed.

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