Some researchers believe that the stone temple of the Holy Spirit was built around 1616. It is believed that the construction took place later – in the 30 – 40 years of the 17th century.

Originally the church was Uniate, but in 1795, was handed to the Orthodox Church, and has since become known as the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

After the reunification of the Uniate chirch with the Orthodox (1839) Minsk icon of the Mother of God was returned to the Orthodox sanctuary in the Cathedral.

In 1835 there was a fire, after which the church is much rebuilt. Second restructuring of the church took place in 1893.

In 1930, the cathedral was closed and transferred to the organization to collect grain. In the same year he was denied the bells in the city. In 1936, the church was blown up. At the site of the church was constructed menagerie.

In 2009 began the restoration of the church building, designed by architect Baglasov S.G. You can have a look on the ancient foundations of the church by going down to the basement of the building.

Concert hall for 240 seats has balcony where the choir can be placed. At the side of the restored buildings are administrative offices, costume, artistic room and cloakroom. Special hinged gallery connects the structure to the music school located in the neighborhood.