In the 30 years it has ceased to exist. For a while there was a Museum of the History of Belarus.

During the Great Patriotic War, the right wing of the building affected by the falling bombs, and in the left, invaders staged public house, restaurant and cinema for soldiers, named “Zoldatengaym.” During the retreat, the Germans had mined the Palace, but did not have time to blow up to prevent Soviet commandos. On 3 July 1944, the building exploded because of one of the mines planted by the Nazis, the fire started. Blazed all three floors of the right wing of the building and destroyed by the Germans in plumbing was not a drop of water. Until noon on July 4 could the fire was finally put out. Saved, but blackened by the fire building was one of the few survived building in Minsk. In the postwar years, the house staff was football, hockey and basketball teams.

In 1974, the Palace was rebuilt and gained its present appearance.

There are 600-seat movie theater, dance hall and a sports club with a gym, rooms for sports – wrestling, boxing and weightlifting. The library contains officers books autographed by Gorky V. Lacis, A. Tolstoy, Tvardovsky, Kupala, Yakub Kolas, P.Brovki and other writers.

Today, the House of officers includes: Army Center of ideological work, cultural and methodological center, library with more than 120,000 books, academic song and dance, drama theater, the studio of war artists, exchange network for the study of foreign languages. It employs about 250 people.