On July 24, 1995 work was resumed on the construction of the Palace of the Republic on the orders of the President. It got its present name, more appropriate entrusted to him the high mission.

On October 3, 1997 The Palace of the Republic was opened.

On 17 July, 2009 Palace of the Republic received a certificate of conformity for a quality management system.

It consists of a large auditorium with 2700 seats, a small auditorium with 500 seats, conference halls with 200 and 100 seats, a press center and government center with a meeting room for 30 people.

At present, the Palace of the Republic held the state socio-political, cultural and entertainment events, press-conferences, business meetings and other events with the participation of the President, the Presidential Administration, the Council of Ministers, and heads of government.

The main official national holidays such as Independence Day (Republic Day), Victory Day ceremony awards “For Spiritual Revival”, Presidential Christmas tree for children, are held here, as well as the best concerts of artists from Belarus, Russia, near and far abroad.

Palace of the Republic is an art gallery “University of Culture”. Here, an exhibition of the department of folk arts and crafts BSU culture are held. On this permanent exhibition features paintings, sculpture, batik, glass are presented.