Dates: 28 July – 20 September 2016

Venue: National Library of Belarus (3rd floor)

Location: Minsk, Independence Avenue 116

On the eve of the second in the history of international sports festival “Race of Legends – Star biathlon for Peace”, which will be held September 18, 2016 in the sports complex “Raubichi” started its work a unique exhibition of world-class festival – “Rally legends 2015 – How was it” .

The exhibition presents works of Belarusian photographers who were able to capture the most significant moments of the race of legends 2015 during the legendary sports of biathlon athletes who have accepted the invitation from the triple champion of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi Darya Domracheva compete on the Belarusian land. This multiple Olympic champions from Germany, Sven Fischer, Ricco Gross and Michael Greis, in the company of a charming world champion Simone Hauswald (Denkinger). Serious competition they reached charismatic representatives of Norway: three-time Olympic champion and one of the most well-aimed Biathlon Halvard Hanevold and Frode Andresen and Lars Berger. Last renowned for being a world champion, not only in biathlon, and cross-country skiing. In addition, from Scandinavia Raubichi profit owner of the Big Crystal Globe: Norwegian Liv-Grete Poiret (2003/2004) and Swede Helena Ekholm (Jonsson) (2008/2009), as well as Olympic champion in Turin 2006 Anna Carin Zidek (Oloffson) from Sweden. Our eastern neighbors represented Yuri Kashkarov. Belarus was represented by the Calgary Olympic champion Alexander Popov 1988 and winner of the world championships seventeenfold Alain Zubrilova.