The geography of Minsk

Minsk – the capital of Republic of Belarus – is located in the center of the country. The city is located on the Minsk height, namely on its southeast slope. The square of the city makes 308

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Geography of Belarus

Belarus, a landlocked, generally flat country (the average elevation is 162 meters (531 ft) above sea level) without natural borders, occupies an area of 207,600 square kilometers (80,200 sq mi), or slightly smaller than the United Kingdom or the state of Kansas. Its neighbors are Russia to the east and northeast, Latvia to the north, Lithuania to the northwest, Poland to the west, and Ukraine to the south. Its extension from North to South is 560 km (350 mi), from west to east is 650 km (400 mi).

The capital of Republic of Belarus — the city of Minsk. Population – 9 million 503,8 thousand people.

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