«Monastyrski» 3*

Address: 6 Kirilla and Mefodiya

Reception +375 (17) 329-03-00

Reservation: +375 (17) 329-03-02

Website: monastyrski.by

3* Hotel “Slavyanskaya”

A new 3-star hotel “Slavyanskaya” opens its door for guests in April, 2014. The guests will enjoy its modern design and advantageous location during their staying in the capital of Belarus.

Address: 6 Narochanskaya St.

Reservation: +375 (17) 359-15-00

Website: slavyanskaya-minsk.by

«Victoria na Zamkovoy» 3*

Address: 25, 27А Zamkovaya St.

Reception: +375 (17) 329-04-00

Reservation: +375 (17) 329-04-05

Website: nazamkovoy.by

«Yubileinaya» 3*

The hotel complex “Yubileinyi” is the first hotel in Belarus, which became the winner of the Prize of the CIS in terms of quality of products and services.

Address: 19 Pobeditelei Ave.

Reception: +375 (17) 226-90-23

Reservation: +375 (17) 226-90-37

Website: yhotel.by

«Planeta» 3*

There are 306 rooms with a different class comfort. Rooms VIP, luxury 3-bedroom apartments, options business rooms – each able to find an optimal solution for a living. Special features include, depending on the comfort level is a mini-bar, air conditioning, TV, safe, telephone and fax.

Address: 31 Pobeditelei Ave.

Reception: +375 (17) 203-85-87

Reservation: +375 (17) 226-78-53

Website: hotelplaneta.by

«Sputnik» 3*

The “Sputnik” hotel is one of the most popular with the guests of Minsk, thanks to its convenient location close to the town centre and central railway station, and affordable prices.

Address: 2 Brilenskaya St.

Reservation: +375 (17) 220-36-19

Website: sputnik-hotel.com

«Orbita» 3*

The hotel complex “Orbita” – is a modern hotel with comfortable rooms and a wide range of services offered.

Address: 39 Pushkina Ave.

Reservation: +375 (17) 206-77-81

Website: orbita-hotel.com

«BonHotel» 3*

BonHotel is a modern, comfortable european style hotel, located on one of the Central streets of Minsk, near the underground station “Pushkinskaya”.

Address: 2 Pritytskogo St.

Reception: +375 (17) 389-73-89

Reservation: +375 (17) 389-73-88

Website: bonhotel.by