• address: 5 Musikalnyi Backstreet
  • operation time: Mon–Sat – 10:00–18:00
    Sun — closed
  • phone: +375-17-220-26-67

The collection of “documentary materials” includes personal documents, directors development, texts, annotated roles of performers; in the collection of “visual materials” there are costume designs, layouts scenery, theater puppets, artistic portraits of artists, sculptural images and sketches of Belarusian artists set designers. It was established March 23, 1990. The museum holds a wide variety of activities: creative meetings, activities for the anniversary date figures of theatrical and musical arts, exhibitions and conferences. State Museum of Theatrical and Musical Culture has two branches: “Museum of Belarusian Cinema” (ul. Sverdlova, 4) and “Gostinnaya Vladislava Golubkova” (ul. Starovilenskaya, 14).