In 2004-2005 I worked in the Belarusian state concert orchestra under control of Mikhail Finberg, and also in Gran-pri studio under the leadership of the composer Oleg Eliseenkov with whom continues cooperation still. In 2005 “The Slavic market” participated in concerts of a festival of the Belarusian song and poetry of “Molodechno” and a festival of arts. In 2006 I passed a casting and I became the participant of the project of the First channel “Factory of stars-6” (producer Victor Drobysh). During the project I sang the song “Still Loving You” with legendary group “Scorpions” then received the invitation from the soloist of group Claus Meine to sing this song within joint round.

In 2007 I passed selection from Belarus on the international song competition “Eurovision” with the song “Work Your Magic” and I took the sixth place. In 2008 I took part in the project of the First channel “Two Stars” together with Natalya Rudova.

In 2008 I performed the main part in Alexey Rybnikov’s rock opera “A star and Joaquin Muryeta’s death” in Moscow, and in 2009 – in St. Petersburg. In 2009 with Alexander Astashenk opened recording studio “Lizard”. I wrote down albums: “Sorcerer” (2009), “The night pilot” (2012). I released clips: Work Your Magic”, “Tsarevna”, “I for you”, “In the room empty”, “Ships”. I acted in movies: “The beauty demands!” (2008), “20 years without love” (2011), “Secret of the third planet” (2011), “The hostess of my destiny” (2012).

In 2012 I took part in the musical project of the First channel “Factory of stars. Russia – Ukraine”. In 2014 Dmitry Koldun became the participant of new show of transformations “Exactly” on the First channel (a premiere on March 2, 2014).