The monastery was founded in 1624 by Andrei Konsovski and his brother Yan. First wooden church of the monastery was rebuilt in the 1630s, but was burned along with all the other buildings in the fire of 1644.

In 1652 the monastery was rebuilt into the stone church of St. Joseph Chosen Blessed Virgin Mary and the monastery building. The monastery complex has several times burned in fires (1656, 1740, 1835.) but every time has been restored and rebuilt. The most thorough reorganization was carried out in 1752: architectural forms of the monastic buildings acquired features baroque.

By the end of XVIII – early XIX century, Bernardine monastery occupied the entire block bounded by the streets of the Big and Small Bernardine, Zybitskoy and the area of ??the Upper Market. The ensemble consisted of a monastery church with built him fraternal housing and other stone and wooden buildings, including the dining hall, schools, hospitals, stables, brewery. The monastery was surrounded by a high stone wall with several gates, the principal of which were located in front of the church.

At present, the temple is a type of three-nave basilica with no tower. The central nave, higher pitched roof covered and ends much serving three-wall apse. Side – slightly less resolved in separate chapels, covered with cross vaults, covered lean-to roofs. There is an interesting solution of main west facade of the temple, where the main decorative elements are concentrated. The facade has a large convex plane. The central portion, the central nave, separated by pilasters with original high capitals and finished smooth Abris shield with the two currencies on the sides. Side parts are decorated with two niches, which was originally a sculpture. The main entrance is represented by a wide portal, on which there is a large three-leaved window. The side facades are more modest, they are decorated with pilasters, between which the windows.

In the 1860s the monastery was abolished, the building was confiscated by the church in 1864 for taking part in a religious uprising.

The former St. Joseph’s Church was restored in 1983. Now the building is a scientific and technical, documentation, literature and art archive of Belarus. A few surviving buildings are recently housed by the military commandant’s office and the prosecutor’s office.

The monastery is planned to be converted into a hotel complex.