• address: 30 Karl Marks Street
  • operation time: Mon–Sat: 10.00–17.30
    Sun — closed
  • phone: +375-17-227-27-50

 The basis of the exhibition are the poet’s personal belongings, paintings and drawings of Belarusian artists, presented to the poet, records of songs on the lyrics of the poet, some of which were included in the Belarusian singing classics. Petrus Brovka Literary Museum was founded July 10 1980, according to the Decision of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR. And on 29 December 1984 museum was opened to the public. The building is an architectural monument of XIX –beginning of the XX centuries, was built in Art Nouveau by architect G.Gai. The first directors of the museum (until 1982) was the poet’s wife Elena, and then – until 200 his son Yurii Petrovich Brovka. Petrus Brovka Literary Museum preserves the materials of the spiritual and material culture, which relate to the life and work of the poet. The exhibition consists of five sections. There are 2 memorial rooms in the museum, that include a library and study of P.Brovka, these rooms have been preserved in such a way as they were during the life of the poet.