The monument to the German occupation Yama (Pit)

All in all, as a result of atrocities committed by March 2, 1942, more than 5000 Jews was shot, including 200 orphans from the orphanage, with medical staff and caregivers. About 500 corpseswere dumped in the pit, located near the intersection of the current streets and Zaslavskaya and Melnikaite.

Now on that awful place is the memorial complex “The Pit” (the intersection Zaslavskaya and Melnikaite), reminiscent of those killed Jews during the war. It really is a deep pit at the bottom of which is an obelisk of black granite. In front of it – round ground, laid out with black stones. Authorship of a bronze sculpture belongs to the Belarusian artist, the chairman of the Jewish community of Belarus Leonid Levin and sculptor from Israel Elsa Pollak.

17 steps lead down the ravine. On the obelisk in Russian and Yiddish is written: “… In memory of five thousand Jews perished at the hands of fierce enemies of mankind – the German fascist criminals. 02/03/1942” 85,000 of Minsk Jews, 10,000 of them from towns, 35,000 deportees from Europe were killed in this ravine.

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