Address: Str. Academician Kuprevich


Most of the park is the main exhibition in the form of maps of Belarus – boulders lined repeating the outlines of the country on the map. Inside the loop indicated meandering channel of the Belarusian rivers, and stones lie on the location map, where they were found.

Among the collection of stones are unique copies of venerable age: the attention of visitors to the park, for example, invited the famous cross of the Stefan Batory Foundation, established by King Batory more than 450 years ago in the clearing Duchy of Lithuania, as well as boulder “Jodo”, worshiped the Slavic pagans, and the priests of the temples . In addition, here you can find boulders with images on them are Slavic runes, and Boris stones with inscriptions made on the orders of Prince of Polotsk Boris Vseslavovich.

The park-museum collected the variety of natural rocks, sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic and igneous boulders completely. Belarusian boulders formed as a result of the passage of the glacier, so they form a miraculous impress visitors to the park and attract the interest of tourists.

Ticket price: free