The First State Theatre had in its cast opera soloists, chorus and ballet groups and a small symphony orchestra.

The State Opera and Ballet Studio was established in 1930. he State Opera and Ballet Theatre in Minsk was opened with the opera “Carmen” with the great Belarusian singer Larisa Aleksandrovskaya in the title role.

In the period from 1933 to 1939 the theater has mastered the classic operatic masterpieces of Western European and Russian repertoire.

One of the main objectives of Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus is the establishment of the national repertoire. On March 10, 1939 premiere of the Belarusian composer Eugene Tikotsky “Mіhas Padgorny” was marked by opening their own theater building on Trinity Hill, designed by renowned architect Joseph Langbard. The first ballet performance, shown on a new stage in the production of the famous choreographer Kasian Goleizovsky, was the “Bakhchisaraiski fontan” by B.Asafyeva, which opened a new season of 1939-1940.

During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) Opera and Ballet Theatre was evacuated to the Volga region of Russia (cities of Gorky and Kovrov), where he continued his active creative work.

Immediately after the liberation of the capital the staff returned to Minsk in December 1944 and opened the season with premiere of the opera “Alesia” by E.Tikotski (conductor – M.E.Shneyderman, director – B.A.Pokrovsky, Art Director – S. F.Nikolaev). After the repair and reconstruction of damaged by bombing theater, its work was resumed, and it soon became one leading theatres in the cultural space of the former Soviet Union.

In 1996 due to the reorganization of a single theater, it was divided into separate structures – the Opera Theatre and the Ballet Theatre. In 2009 it was decided to re-unite it into the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus.

The theater building is an example of the pre-war Soviet constructivism and has the status of an architectural monument of national importance.

Nowadays new opera and ballet productions are prepared in the renovated building of the theatre

The theater has a truly unique repertoire, which make up about 60 titles of operas and ballets of different epochs and styles. A one-season team shows more than 240 performances, which is visited by over 250,000 spectators.