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Vladimir Kumelsky was founder, artistic director (1932 – 1933 gg.) and director (till 1936).

The theater was headed by artistic directors Knyazhich B. (1933 – 1934), A. Rozhkovsky (1934 – 1936), A. Donatti (1936 – 1938), W. Burns (1939), D.Orlov (1939 – 1941, 1946 – 1948. chief director) and B. Redlich (1961 – 1963), the main producers Vladychansky S. (1944 – 1946 1948 – 1952), Fedorov (1952 – 1958), V. Dokutovich (1958 – 1960), M . Spivak (1960 – 1964), A. Dobrotin (1966 – 1968), M. Sulimov (1968 – 1969),F. Shane (1969 – 1971), B. Lutsenko (1974 – 1981, 1991 – 2007), V. Glagolin (1981 – 1983), V. Maslyuk (1983 – 1990), S. Kovaltshik (2008).

Major artists: A Grigoryants (1953 – 1962), B. Golubovic (1963 – 1973), Yu.Tur (1974 – 1989), V. Chernyshov (1990 – 2001), A. Kostyuchenko (2001 – 2009), A. Sorokin (since 2009).

At present, the troupe included a galaxy of great actors, among them: Honored Artist of USSR, R.I. Yankovsky, Honored Artists of Belarus: O.M.Klebanovich, B.A. Masumyan, A.L. Tkachenok, Honored Artists of the Republic of Belarus: Z. Osmolovskaya, L. Bylinskaya, E.N. Goryachi, V. Shelestov, A. Malankina, A.A. Dushechkin, I. Matskevitsh, S. Chekeres, Honored Artist of Russian Federation A.L. Brukhatsky.

Since 1974 Boris Lutsenko was the chief director. A series of performances staged by him, has brought true fame and deserved success to the theater, not only in the Soviet Union and abroad. The great event in the theater life of the country played “Macbeth”, staged by director on the play by William Shakespeare. Desire for theatrical metaphor, psychological confidenceof the characters, the search for expressive plastic solutionswas peculiar to the work of honored artist of Belarus Boris Lutsenko. The director believes that if the ramp is not a magic cure, then at least a little comfort and help, if not for all, but at least for somebody. At the scene of the country and abroad B. Lutsenko has staged more than one hundred performances. Among his productions are: “Raskіdanae gnyazdo”by Yanka Kupala “Trekhgroshovaya Opera” by Brecht, K. Weill, “The Tragedy of Man” I. Madach, “Christ and Antichrist” D. Merezhkovsky, “Return to Khatyn” A. Adamovich, “Dream on the mound,” Kupala, “Legenda o bednom dyavole” by Korotkevich, “Angelo” and others … “on the works of Pushkin,” Svobodnyi Brak, “J. Pho, F. Rame, A. Averchenko, E. Mirovich, “Nina” by M. Lanzhelya, “Before Sunset” by G. Hauptmann, “Stepmother” Balzac, “The Libertine” E.-E. Schmitt, “Ukhodil Suprug ot Suprugi,” by S. Zlotnikov, “Oedipus” E. Minchukovoy and many others.

Since 1996, the theater director is Valentina Erenkova. Her directing style is reduced to the projection of her own world for a specific dramatic material, as a result it does not oppress the idea of ??the playwright, but at the same time, acquire artistic color, liveliness of images, melodic temporhythm. Valentina Erenkova has put such performances as: “Love Story of Tabby and Miss Swallow” (libretto by Alexei and Valentina Erenkovyh) by J. Amado, “The Canterville Ghost” Wilde, “Wings of Icarus” by D. Bisset, ” Mermaid” by A . Razumovskaya, “Nad Propastyu vo rzhi” by D. Salinger, “Mummi-dol” T. Janson, “Forgotten Birthday” by D. Biscet, “Merry Dwarfs” by V. Erenkovoy, “Remember” by V. Erenkovoy, A. Staudt, “Scorpion” by L. Andreev, “Mysteries of the magic attic” by A. Erenkov, “Memories” by M. Roshchina, “Papa, papa, bednyi papa, ty ne vylezesh is shkapa, ty poveshen nashei mamoi mezhdu platiem I pizhamoi ” by A. Kopit, “Tshudaki” by M. Gorky, “Poimanyi setiyu” by R. Cooney, “Valentine’s Day” by I. Vyrypaev, “I am your bride” V. Astafiev, “The Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare, “Fiances” Gogol, “Esther” L. Ulitskaya, etc.

In 2008 Sergei Kovaltchik was appointed the chief director of the National Academic Drama Theater named after Gorky. In 1999 he was named the best young director of the Republic of Belarus on the contest creative young people in Grodno. The performances in his statement repeatedly became the owners of the Grand Prix in many international theater festivals. He managed to preserve and bring into the theater a new creative breath of the artist’s curiosity. Creative search was enthusiastically supported by the actors of different generations. Performance “Run” on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov was a major event in the cultural life of Belarus, it received a diploma at the International Theatre Festival “Panorama” in 2009, and was highly acclaimed by critics and the theatrical community.

The performance”Pani Kokhanku” based on the well-known young Belarusian playwright Andrew Kureichik has received a great response. Repertoire now is 30 performances, including productions of Belarusian, Russian and world classics and modern foreign and domestic authors.

The theater has its own special artistic appearance, stands a high level of performance of the actor, director’s interpretations of the original, profound approach to the development of the repertoire. National Academic Drama Theater named after Maxim Gorky is one of the centers of theater as an integral part of the cultural life of the country, a national treasure of the republic.