• address: 20 Lenina Street
  • operation time: Mon–Sun: 11:00–19:00
    Tue – closed
  • phone: +375-17-227-71-63

The museum has the largest collection of works of art of the Republic of Belarus. The official history of the museum begins 24 January 1939. According to the decision of the Council of People’s Commissars of the BSSR in Minsk National Art Gallery was created. All the exhibits of the museum, collected before 1941, were lost or stolen during the war. The museum was restored from scratch, the housing was re-built. Since 1994 it has its own archive, since 1989 – the restoration workshops with a large staff of experts in various fields. In 2000 in Minsk another branch of the Museum “Dom Vankovichei. Culture and art of the first half of the XIX century ” was opened, which contains exhibits of painting the first half of the XIX century. Collection of pre-revolutionary Russian and Belarusian, Western, Eastern countries, the Soviet Belarusian art has now more than 30,000 works of painting, sculpture, drawing, arts and crafts.