In 1957, between Central Square and Central park government platform from which the party-state leadership BSSR parades and welcomed the demonstration were built. Thus, the central area has acquired the status of the main square. On November 3, 1961 a monument to Stalin was destroyed (blown).

In 1966 museum of ??the Great Patriotic War was opened an area. In 1984, the square was renamed in Oktyabrskaya, the construction of the Palace of the Republic, that prolonged by 17 years began, resulting in the status of the central area returned to Lenin Square.

In 1998, a memorial “zero kilometer was opened. It is decorated as a pyramid. On each side of the pyramid medallions are placed. On the edges of the pyramid bronze plates with inscriptions indicating directions. At the base of the pyramid, there are mounted bronze plates on which are the distances to all the major towns in Belarus. This sign blend in with the architecture of the area. It is not tall – no more than half a meter, so do not block the view of the square with the prospect. But at the same time – visible from every corner of the square.

Between the Palace of the Republic and the Museum of the Great Patriotic War there is a great fountain in the summer, which forms the 1300 water jets.

At present the area is often the venue for concerts, festivals, fairs, and social and political actions.