On a massive 50 meter high tower, topped by wrought weather vane in the form of a bison, the clock are set. Letter “M” is a body of underground engineering, the first floor of which is the lobby and the entrance to the subway.

First subway line, named Moskovskaya runs along the pr. Nezavmsimosti (opened in 1984, the length about 12.2 km, 11 stations).

The second line was opened on December 31, 1990, consisting of five stations. Now Avtozavodskaya line (2nd line) is 18,1 km long and consists of fourteen stations and crosses Minsk from the south-east to the west. The first and the second line are being completed and the third is designed.

Two lines with a total length more than 30, 3 km and 25 stations operate today in Minsk metro. The depth of the Minsk metro is from 2 to 15 m (in Moscow and St. Petersburg up to 70 m). Development plan of 2030 approved scheme of three subway lines with a total length 59 km, with 45 stations and three electric depots.