It is located between the streets of Engels, International, Nemiga, on a high bank of the river Svisloch.

The architectural appearance of the area has evolved over many centuries. In the Middle Ages in the town hall on the square sat the principal organ of municipal government – city council. Around the square were placed the main temples of the Orthodox, Catholic and Unitarian denominations. Building area began to take shape in the XVII century, its architectural appearance at the time determined by the Renaissance and Baroque styles.

In “Plan of the provincial city of Minsk”, compiled v1793, the central place on the square occupied the town hall. To the north-west of it was Gostiny Dvor. From the north-east – the complex of the Dominican monastery, connecting with a large Dominican church building into a single monolithic and strict array.

Several complex located north of the Basilian monastery and the church of St. Spirit, followed by male and female Bernardine monastery, which had in their small ensembles of churches facing the square its lateral facades. South-western side of the square occupied expressive ensemble of the Jesuit College, consisting of two-towered church with a splendid main facade on the plastic and the surrounding monastic buildings. A short distance away stood Collegium tower with a large clock. In the north-western and south-eastern side of the square were located houses, shops, inns, pharmacy. Besides stone and wooden buildings are sometimes encountered structures in the technique of “Prussian mura” (wall construction consisting of a supporting wooden frame with brick filling the gaps). Most of the buildings on the square and the city in the XVIII – first half of XIX century was tiled. Her remains were found during excavations.

By the beginning of the XIX century, the area gained its final form. During World War II, the area was almost entirely destroyed. After World War II Liberty Square lost its importance to the central square. The new center was formed to the south, through the Skaryna Avenue, which connects the Independence Square, October, Victory, Yakub Kolas.

Recently restored buildings such as Gostiny Dvor, the town hall, the hotel “Europe”, renovated the interior of the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the building of the Holy Spirit Church. Soon the citizens of Minsk will be able to see the area is almost the same as it was 100 years ago.