Prospect Nezavisimosti

During the Second World War the city was almost completely destroyed (for example, in the street Sovetskaya, only 10 houses survived). It was decided that a radical reconstruction of the city, including that in 1952 Prospekt Stalina was designed, which took place over a wider track and rectified. The status of the Soviet Prospect Street was acquired in September of 1952 (the street Sovetskaya did not disappear from the map of the city). In novemner of 1961, the prospect of Stalin has been renamed into Lenin Prospect.

In 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union Avenue was renamed after Skarina and in 2005 it was called Independence Avenue (Prospekt Nezavisimosti).

The architectural ensemble of the prospectus is a candidate for entering the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Prospect – the only place in the world, where the Stalinist empire style survived in complete form. In Kiev and Moscow, it was changed, or only some parts were preserved and does not fit into the architectural look of city.