Previously here at the military cemetery, a wooden church. In its place rose and a new stone church in honor of Russia’s victory over Turkey in the war of 1877-1878. The memorial has survived ever since two plaques set into the nave. They are engraved with the names of 118 soldiers of the Belarusians of the 30th Artillery Brigade and the 119th Regiment of Kolomna, who died during the capture of Plevna in Bulgaria.

Over the altar wall of the church are buried the remains of the highest officer rank, and nearby – two graves of soldiers.

The main historical relic temple stored here can be considered marching wooden church of the 119th Regiment of Kolomna. During the holidays around her during the Russian-Turkish campaign gathered thousands of soldiers – in the liturgy.

Inside, boxes of worn parchment, appear the names of fallen soldiers and officers.

During the Nazi occupation the church was bombed. It pierced the central dome of the church and fell near the icon of Saint Nicholas. However, the bomb did not explode. When restoring the church through a red brick, manufactured in one Latvian factory, which supplies its products to the Moscow Kremlin.