Stone monastery complex was built, in 1625. According to inventory of 1784, almost at this place, but a few closer to the former Kosmodemyanovskoy (Kozmodemyanovskoy) street was Kosmodemyanovsky Orthodox monastery, which at the beginning of the seventeenth century had been forcibly converted to the Uniate.

During the XVIII-XIX centuries, the temple and the adjacent monastery buildings were rebuilt several times before making a present architectural appearance.

In 1741, the Bernardine monastery was damaged by fire, after which underwent renovation. In 1852, the monastery was abolished and transferred to Nesvizh. Since 1860, the old church was the Orthodox Church. The building was rebuilt many times. From the northeast to the temple U-shaped two-storey building is adjacent to the building. In 1870, the church after the repair was sanctified in the name of the Holy Spirit, and in the same year when it opened a male Orthodox monastery that existed was up to 1922.

The cathedral stores a miraculous icon of Our Lady of Minsk, which is considered the heavenly intercessor city. Also relics of Saint Sophia Slutskaya, who all his life fought for the preservation of Orthodoxy in Belarus are stored in the temple.