” Teatralnyi kovtsheg ” (before 2006 – “Belarusian Seasons”) is the author’s project of director Eugeniya Voloboeva.

In 1997, Eugene Voloboev was invited to Minsk for a theater project, called “Virtuoso scene.” His first work was the play of the Minsk “Sublimation of Love” play by Aldo de Benedetti. This was followed by no less successful “Foolish Love” play by Dimitri Psafasa and “George Dandin, or duped husband” by Jean Baptiste Moliere.

In 2000, the idea of ??Eugene Voloboeva’s own theater project was carried out in tandem with Alla Cherkasova, his colleague in the “Virtuosos of the scene”.

29 June 2000 is the birthday of “White Russian Seasons” by Voloboev Eugene, who reported a premiere vaudeville “Is it easy to deceive a woman?”according to the famous play by Jean Paul Poiret “Family Weekend”.

May 2001 saw the formulation of a love thriller “Three to Tango” by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt’s play “Mysterious variation”, and in November of the same year to the regular repertoire of the theater staging – tragic farce, “There is no country – The Netherlands …” by the Nadezhda Ptushkin’s play “Abnormal” was added.

In November 2002 the premiere of the comedy of the grotesque “Carousel” by Nikolay Kolyada “My edem, edem, edem …” was staged.

Musical-choreographic composition by Eugene Voloboeva “Temple of Solitude” in September 2003 opened the Dance Theatre “Solo”, where along with healthy professional and amateur actors both as actors and as a staff wheelchair users (the first in the the former Soviet Union such a theater, and the fourth in the world – after the U.S., Japan and the UK) are working.

In early December 2003, after a pause of several years, the second premiere play by Aldo de Benedetti, “Sublimation of love” was staged.

On December 24, 2003 Eugene Voloboev has presented in many ways a risky project – the musical “The Snow Queen” to the theatrical audience. The play was made in such a way that it could watch and listen along with the “normal” and “unusual,” the audience – people with poor or no hearing. In July of 2005, the “Snow Queen” in the interpretation of “White Russian Seasons” has received international recognition – Grand Prix of the X International festival “Earth. Theatre. Children ” for best play and best direction. In January of 2006, the “Snow Queen” and its creators were the winners of the awards ceremony “The constellation of talent,” conducted annually by the Administration Partisanki District of Minsk. In October of 2006, the collection of awards, “Snow Queen” enriched GP V International festival “Solar wave”, in May 2007 “Snow Queen” and Eugene Voloboev received a Diploma III of the Brest festival “Unbeated Path”, and in September of 2007 – diploma III All-Russian Festival “Protetar”.

In December of 2004, “Belarusian Seasons” showed a treatise on love, “How do you say, dear” (“Unreachable”) by Somerset Maugham “Unattainable.”

Since February of 2006 “Belarusian seasons” work as ” Teatralnyi Kovtcheg “.

On October 30, 2008 House of Writers had on its stage the premiere – play by Eugene Grishkovets “Planet.”

After January of 2009 ” Teatralnyi Kovtcheg ” moved to the scenic grounds of the National Academic theatre named after Yanka Kupala, of thr the National Theatre of Belarusian Drama,of Club named after Derzhinsky and others.

In April 2009, ” Teatralnyi Kovtcheg ” with one of its best performances of “Mysterious variations” recieved a prize at the XI International Festival “Meetings in Russia” (organizer – Fund “Baltic International Festival Center” (St. Petersburg).

” Kovtcheg ” is a team of full-time troupe of actors from other theatersof Minsk. Working on the principle of repertory, the theater has not got a permanent staff of actors, inviting the most interesting theater artists for each new play.

All performances of ” Teatralnyi Kovtcheg ” are very different, but a special style, humor, kindness, and musicality unites them.